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DancingOwl - Rune Divination and Pendulum in Portugal

Get a consultation from DancingOwl - Rune Divination and Pendulum in Portugal - no waiting. 5-10 years of experience in Pendulum. I am a 52 year old married woman who is blessed to be living this second part of my life in my native New England. After finding sobriety from alcohol and drugs I discovered that my intuition was more useful than I had previously thought. Through training, classes, and thought-provoking insights and lessons learned, both from my previous life and from this life, I have learned to overcome my fear of rejection and reach out to other people who have experience with addiction issues and their struggle to stay sober. I am proof positive that it is possible and I can help others to obtain this level of happiness. Joy and freedom. I have always been able to perform Reiki but I also find that I have the ability to communicate with Spirit in several different forms. I use my Spirit Guides to forward information to individuals who are looking for help with physical pain or are lacking in their ability to deal with other people and are not sure why. I can send different healing modalities across large areas because of my understanding of time and space. I am compassionate, patient and loving with all those I read for and read only for their Higher Good. I am here to help and hope that I can help you, too.

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