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Chat with triplegoddess - Dream Interpretation and Pendulum in Portugal online. 30- years of experience in Pendulum. I am a fourth generation psychic. I am highly clairvoyant, clairaudient and omnipresent (have the ability of remote viewing). I use my abilities to answer everyday questions about everything including financial information, career, love, life path questions and dream interpretation. To my most individuals, my abilities are very accurate, uncanny or unnerving. I use people’s energy in order to connect. I can gather more detail when a person is more open, but the simple vibrations of a person’s voice can provide me with great insight into the person’s life without knowing anything about them. I’ve used dream interpretation to basically answer questions about things that are going on in people’s lives or about things that are happening around them that they are not clear about.I basically am able to give them a warning about impending situations that could have a negative affect on their lives and future. Helping others and embracing truth have enhanced my spiritual life. I think my psychic ability makes me more in tune with the Creator. By providing intuitive readings and dream interpretation, I have been able to help people make better life choices when faced with challenges dealing with finances, the job, and relationships I’ve always been able to see events and predict the future and life occurrences with extreme detail. Since early childhood, I’ve had dreams and visions. I was nine years old. I began seeing world events with great accuracy and detail. My mother says the most disturbing event she can remember me telling her that year was my account of a murder I saw in my dreams. It happened in Africa. I saw a man stab his daughter repeatedly. When I first told my mother, I was upset because the images were so vivid and detailed. She didn’t doubt me because of her own ability to see events. Instead, she held me close and tried to comfort me. Two weeks later, while she was watching the world news, there was a story about this exact murder. When they showed a picture of the house where the murder occurred, my mother stood up in awe. It was as if I had drawn an exact picture of that house from a firsthand account of actually being there. Deceased family members began visiting me when I was a little girl. My maternal great‐ grandmother died three years before I was born, so I never got a chance to meet her. But as her visits continued, I described this sweet, old woman to my grandmother. Instinctively, even though we had never met, I knew this woman. I was not afraid of her, but I wondered why she always came to me. Maybe I was just a willing portal, always willing to listen. I never thought of her as dead, just someone to talk to. I shared our conversations with my grandmother, who verified that this woman indeed was “Miss Mariah”, her mother. One night Miss Mariah came to me and gave me the name of a dear friend whom she said was very ill and in a hospital. She asked me to tell my mother and grandmother to take care of her friend; and we did until the day she died. I remember my first visit to a psychic. I met a Native American psychic. I asked the lady for a reading. She looked at me and said, “How about you reading me?” So I read her. I told her about her life with much clarity. She, in return, read me; and that was the beginning of our friendship and partnership as we began doing readings together. I continue to do readings at psychic fairs and bookstores. At this point in my life, my desire is to help individuals live their lives to their fullest capacity. Sometimes people are unaware that while they are praying for one thing, they are canceling out those same prayers in the universe because they are embracing fear instead of faith. My desire is to help them understand how to correct their actions in order to gain the outcome they want.

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